Executive Protection

Executive Protection

International Executive Protection Services

Noble Protective Services is an international executive protection services, security consulting and training firm located in the United States, Mexico and the Dominican Republic with affiliate firms in Central and South America and the Middle East.

Executive Protection by Noble Protective Services offers you an opportunity to obtain the most qualified executive protection, private investigator, skilled surveillance services and counter surveillance services when the need is immediate as unarmed or armed guards. We are expert at VIP protection and can one call will eliminate the necessity of numerous interviews, or “taking a chance”, due to a small time frame for response to your needs. We will help you be safe with our wide range of personal protection services

Private Protection To Surveillance Services

Executive protection by Noble Protective Services a private protection firm. Our philosophy of services is simple and that is what makes us different from similar companies. We provide quality Security Consulting and bodyguard services and defensive Training with the least obtrusion to our clients. The security needs of the client must be delicately balanced with the client’s daily business operations.

Therefore our firm adheres to our motto of being the “Quiet Professionals”. Noble Protective Services assimilates into any environment, while providing an overall protective net for our clients. Careful advance planning, dedication, and constant vigilance to client needs and the responsibility to treat each client as though they were our only client allow our firm to accomplish this goal.

Founded in 2000, Noble Protective Services specializes in providing Protective Services, Security Consulting, Training and Investigative services in the United States, Iraq, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico and other locations internationally. We have served clients such as U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Dominican Republic National Police, Hewlett Packard, Frito-Lay, U.S. Postal Service, Kuwait Embassy, Port of Portland and various others.

There is a strong correlation between the rise of criminal / terrorist activity and the expansion of protective and consulting services advertised each year. When the need for strengthening security measures arises corporations face a dilemma of selecting a qualified organization. Whether the protective measures are precautionary or as a result of an attack, risk analysis or threat assessment this selection process for professionals should be minimized.

Noble Protective Services is affiliated with a wide range of true private security professionals who are highly qualified to provide protective, security consulting and training services. Recognizing the fact that the average military specialist or law enforcement officer is ill-equipped as a close protection or corporate protection specialist, Noble Protective Services Corporation has maintained a strict policy of ensuring strict hiring and training for all its associates.

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